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Which Razor electric scooter? Razor E90 explained..

5 CommentsTuesday, 28 April 2015  |  Razorbase

The Razor E90 explained..

Razor E90 Specifications:

  • Maximum speed of 9mph
  • Up to 50 minutes of continuous use
  • Kick start motor
  • All steel frame and fork
  • Rear foot brake
  • Urethane front & rear wheels
  • Kick stand
  • Push button throttle
  • 12v sealed lead acid battery
  • Battery charger
  • Max rider weight: 120lbs / 54kgs
  • Ages 8+ years

The Razor E90 is the latest main addition to the Razor electric scooter lineup, entering the range below the E100, although aimed at the same age group on paper the E100 definitely benefits the taller, heavier child from the age 8-12, but we will talk more about the E100 in the next guide.

The E90 offers up to 50 minutes of continuous use from a single 12v lead acid fully sealed battery, half the weight of the other Razor electric scooter battery packs. This brings the overall weight down of the scooter to around 10kg, benefitting the younger rider but performance is not sacrificed too much as that 12v battery & quiet chain driven low torque motor can still reach a nippy 9mph giving a range of 5-6 miles.

Once again, with the younger child in mind Razor has implemented the ‘must push to 3mph before the motor engages’ method of starting, thus stopping that unexpected jolt you see from other manufacturers jump on & go models. The twist throttle you see across the Razor E-scooter range has been replaced by a push button throttle, helping with co-ordination between applying power and steering, and a rear foot brake is in place instead of a handlebar type, which will feel more natural to any child jumping from a non electric kick scooter.

When not in use, the E90 can be stored in an upright position using the retractable kick stand, & with its low weight can certainly be carried home by mum or dad after the school run.  If you are looking to pack the scooter in the car please note the scooter does not fold so you need clearance for that 84cm overall height or to undo the 2 hex bolts to remove the handlebars.

The E90 requires some assembly but fortunately the battery, charger and tools are supplied in the box and it is just a case of slipping on the handlebars, aligning & tightening the hex bolts on the collar clamp & then charging the batteries*, the E90 does not even need tyres inflating as it uses hard durable polyurethane wheels.

*Please note that the first battery charge should be for at least 12 hours rather than the usual 8 hours & batteries should be charged once per month even if the scooter is not used

Our Verdict:

Overall we think the E90 is a great addition to the Razor electric scooter lineup as an entry level E-Scooter for the younger, smaller rider. Razor state the recommended minimum age is 8 years+ but we all know kids progress at different stages & would happily let a child of ours of 5-7 years use the scooter under supervision.

If a child of 9+ were looking for an E-scooter we would probably jump straight to the E100, which offers that higher torque motor, higher handlebar height & slightly increased speed, but you cannot discount the E90 as some serious fun.

Remember: Razorbase can not only sell you the Razor E90 electric scooter but we can keep your Razor ride going for longer with the full range of genuine Razor electric service parts.