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Why buy Razor?

Wednesday, 22 April 2015  |  Razorbase

Why buy Razor? Let us explain…

Razor are the true global innovators in wheeled action sports with many companies trying to replicate the success of Razor products but most falling short in build quality & innovation.

Founded in June 2000, and based in Southern California, the spiritual home of surfing, skateboarding and extreme sport culture, Razor draws on these influences to bring you a wide range of ride-on technologies in products that can be easily used by kids and adults alike.

It all started back in 2000 with the launch of the original Razor A kick scooter, within 6 months due to its design & build quality 5 million kids were riding Razor & less than a year later Razor won the toy of the year award in the USA.

In 2002 Razor decided to turn their hand to reinventing a kids classic, the tricycle, with the phenomenal Scream Machine, an overnight success with kids globally drifting trikes everywhere.

In 2003 Razor introduced their world famous electric scooters, which today are still the models all competitors aspire to beat with a version available for every age, young children through to adults. A year later they introduced the Electric Ride-on category to the world another overnight hit, bringing us pocket bikes, mini quads and more.


From 2005 through to 2010 Razor launched successful line after successful line, picking up awards from around the globe, they introduced the first pro scooter, the market leading RipStik casterboard, bringing surfing to the streets, reinvented the tricycle yet again with the spinning RipRider 360, bringing them to their 10th anniversary & sales of kick scooters in excess of 35 million.

Razor could have decided to stop at this point & just basked in the fact they are the market leaders but that’s not the Razor way. 2011 saw the pro scooter movement take off & Razor truly led the way with the Ultra Pro scooter & helped launch the sport to the highs it sees today.

Razor still to this day innovate, expand, refine & capture hearts with its product lineup, with such standout rides as the amazing Crazy Cart, the hugely popular E100 & E300 electric scooters, the all new electric powered trike the PowerRider 360, the vintage styled electric moped range, Pocket Mod & many more.

We at Razorbase can’t wait to see what Razor bring out next and neither should you, remember…